Our Carpet Styles

Below you will find a brief description of our carpet styles. Each is unique in design and fashion, to meet the needs of infinite decors, and personalities.

By clicking on the highlighted style name, you can view that style and see the color line as well as get an idea of the texture of that particular carpet. The pictures represent our carpet in the best possible light for internet viewing, yet on your monitor they may not be the exact color of the actual carpet.

If you find a style and color that you are interested in, please click on the "Finding our Carpets" link on the left screen menu and fill out the information so you may see your choice in person at one of our retail dealers near you.

Boardroom: This style is very similar to Natural Velvet, only it is constructed with a lower and tighter pile. This construction lends itself to a more commercial decore. Extreme dense construction for a demanding statement for commercial application.

Bramble Weave II: Bramble Weave II is an upscale version of the longly popular original. We have incorporated a new look with a sophisticated wrap yarn to create a truly fashionable carpet that proclaims both class and luxury. The color range will cover a vast array of decors. Custom colors are also available.

Central Park: Woolshire pairs the linear texture of Executive Park with eleven combinations of two-tone heather yarns to create this handsome carpet. High rows of wool loops give Central Park a corded quality which fills the interiors with a hearty dose of style. The color line of central park also coordinates with many other Woolshire styles to accommodate a customized and tailored décor.
View Central Park room scene.

Cloud Nine: Woolshire has created a sister collection to our very popular Slubs n Nubbs style. The same special yarn process has been used to create another totally random pattern. The extreme high low texture projects a beautiful billowy appearance, with a very comforting look. Cloud 9 will compliment both formal and casual decors.
View Cloud Nine room scene 1.
View Cloud Nine room scene 2.

Corporate Suite: This style is very similar to Natural Velvet, only it is much heavier. A very deep pile of luxurious wool is used to create this style. Extreme construction for a demanding statement and a carpet you can get lost in.

Cottage Weave II: Coming soon! As the name describes, this style is a very natural hand made look. A special yarn is used to create this Award winning style. A very unique texture is displayed in this style, to exclaim the beauty of wool.

Countess: This style is a very popular look, with the natural appearance of sisal. We offer this style in heather colors, which further enhances the natural appearance. The look of sisal is timeless.
View Countess room scene.

Duchess: Timeless styling with today's color trends. The color pallet acquired by pairing rich heather yarns with today’s solid color yarns offer an array of choices to grace your décor. The linear design of Duchess will always proclaim "natural".
View Duchess room scene.

Executive Park: A very beefy sisal describes this carpet. Bountiful is the word. All high rows make this sisal look a one of a kind. Heather colors again bring out the look of natural "rope" sisal.
View Executive Park room scene.

Hundred Count: The name is derived from the construction. In one square inch of this carpet there are 100 stitches, 10 forward and 10 across. This makes for a very dense fabric. The appearance is only slightly textured. With a range of solid and heather colors, this style will go with an extremely formal setting, to a casual setting as well.

Natural Velvet: A very distinctive plush carpet and another use of heather yarns that will bring out the natural luster of the wool fiber. Ever so slightly textured, as nature would have it.

Slubs and Nubbs: ~ A true sisal look if there ever was one. A special process has been used to create slubs in the yarn. This makes for an irregular, yet consistent, yarn that pronounces texture. The idea came from the bark of a Redwood tree. The bark consists of highs, lows, thick and thins, that make for a totally captivating random pattern. This style resembles that of a flame stitch in upholstery fabric.
View Slubs and Nubbs room scene.

Tuscany: This carpet is designed to look natural and hand crafted. The lighter color accent yarn, along with its multi level texture, gives the carpet the appearance of crochet. This style is not designed to be perfect, and inherits random color displacements and striations. Tuscany gives a natural look, and the feeling of warmth, to any decor.

Venice: This slightly textured loop pile carpet is made with a palette of warm and timeless heather colored yarns. Venice styling will lend itself to either formal or casual décor in both residential and commercial settings.

Custom Colors: Custom colors are available on all of our carpet styles. This will allow you to have a true custom carpet that will give you a one of a kind décor for your home or office. Certain requirements do apply, so see your dealer for details.

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